Aklilu Getinet Desta

Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
École doctorale de géographie de Paris ED434

Année d’inscription  : octobre 2011




    • Globalisation financière
    • Politiques monétaires
    • Crises financières
    • Réglementation bancaire



Sustainability, Integrated Utilization, Rural Water Supply, Food security, linkage


Towards Sustainable Water Supply and Food Security in East Gojjam, Blue Nile River Gorge of Ethiopia.


The research project aims at exploring constraints that affect continued and integrated utilization of community water supply schemes towards improving hunger, food security and wide spread poverty in the rural setting of Ethiopia. In its specific form, it attempts to answer the following basic questions : 1) what looks the status of water supply and food security/insecurity in the study area, 2) what are the factors that affect sustainability and integrated utilization of rural water supply schemes, 3) what are the opportunities, practices and challenges towards ensuring food security through exploitation of small scale rural water resources potentials, and 4) what should be done to improve food insecurity status in the study area through efficient, sustainable and integrated utilization of rural water supply schemes ?
Hence, the research importantly focuses, along with contributing to the body of knowledge in the area of water and development, at producing a practical model for action, with the involvement of stakeholders at all levels including rural households, that could help solve the existing setback of hunger and food insecurity through efficient, effective and sustainable utilization small scale rural water schemes.

The study employs both quantitative and qualitative research designs to offset the limitation of the one by the other. Focus group discussion, key informant interview and physical observation will be employed to gather primary qualitative data that is going to be the major source. Household survey, on the other hand, will carry out to generate relevant quantitative data. The data collected will be analyzed using both qualitative and quantitative methods
The outcomes of the research project are expected to benefit the rural people in the study area in particular and in the country in general who is suffering from the brutal hunger, severe food insecurity and widespread abject poverty.


Many years of experience as practitioner in managing community development activities in the rural setting

Experience in designing, coordinating research outreach programs in the area of water and Development

Long years of teaching and managing experience at various levels of the educational system (from lower to higher)