Laboratoire Dynamiques sociales et Recomposition des Espaces

ASLE-UKI Biennial Conference Green Knowledge

2-4 septembre 2015

Place : Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge
_ In The Diversity of Life, E. O. Wilson recalled the experience of recognising his profound ignorance about the object of his research in the forests of the Amazon: « About the orchids of that places we knew very little. About flies and beetles almost nothing, fungi nothing, most kinds of organisms nothing. Five thousand kinds of bacteria might be found in a pinch of soil, and about them we knew absolutely nothing.” Wilson’s pinch of Amazonian soil begs the question: how much do we know about the natural world and our relationship with it? Equally, what should we know and how can we know it?
To this end, we invite papers that consider our ways of knowing and unknowing the natural world.
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