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4th international Ecosummit – Ecological Sustainability : restoring the planet’s ecosystem services

Ecosystems such as streams, rivers, inland and coastal wetlands, grasslands, and forests provide numerous services that fundamentally support human health and well-being. This international conference will explore innovative science-based strategies that are socially and culturally acceptable to create, manage, and restore these ecosystems, ensuring that society has access to all these ecosystem services. Our aim is to provide a high-profile platform for dialogue among researchers, planners and decision-makers to develop a better understanding of the complex nature of ecological systems and the means to protect and enhance their services.

* Sustainability and Resilience
* Ecosystem Creation and Restoration/Ecological Engineering
* Global Change
* Ecosystem Services
* Ecological Indicators
* Biodiversity and Biological Conservation
* Climate Change
* Ecological Complexity
* Ecotoxicology
* Ecological Economics
* Ecological Modelling
* Biological Invasions
* Ecosystem Health
* Environmental Policy
* Ecological Knowledge
* Coastal Problems Caused by Upland Pollution Sources
* Watershed/River Catchment Management
* Ecohydrology