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Publications in 2014

Beckouche P. (Ed.), 2014. Integrated territorial analysis of the neighbourhoods (ITAN). Rapport pour le programme européen ESPON, Applied Research 2013/1/22, Luxembourg, 1071 p.

Blanc, N., Sander, A., 2014. Reconfigured Temporalities Nature’s Intent ? Nature and Culture, 9, 1, 1-20,

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Brédif, H., Simon, L., 2014. Ordinary Biodiversity, Local Stakeholders and Forest Management as a Driver for Regional Sustainable Development, Open Journal of Forestry, 4, 3, 249, 258,

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Cohen, M., Ronchail, J., Alonso-Roldán, M., Morcel, C., Angles, S., Araque-Jimenez, E., Labat, D., 2014. Adaptability of Mediterranean Agricultural Systems to Climate Change. The Example of the Sierra Mágina Olive-Growing Region (Andalusia, Spain). Part I : Past and Present, Weather, Climate, and Society, 6, 3, 380-398, doi:10.1175/WCAS-D-12-00043.1,

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Dohn, M.N., Pilkington, H., 2014. Sharing Medicine : The Candidacy of Medicines and Other Household Items for Sharing, Dominican Republic, PLoS ONE, 9, e101007, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0101007,

Fardin, H.F., Hollé, A., Gautier-Costard, E., Haury, J., 2014. Sanitation and water management in ancient South Asia, in Angelakisand, A.N., Rose, J.B. (Eds), Evolution of Sanitation and Wastewater Technologies through the Centuries, London, IWA Publishing, 43-53.

Grouiez, P., 2014. Farming strategies regarding “social responsibility” in the Russian agricultural sector, East-West Journal of Economics and Business, 63-84,

Koleva, P., 2014. Transport and sustainable development, in communication and in practice : A comparative analysis of the strategies of three French firms, East-West Journal of Economics and Business, 19-37,

Koleva, P., Lamarche, T., Magnin, É., 2014. Corporate Social Responsibility in an international perspective : Europe, Russia, and Tunisia. An introduction, East-West Journal of Economics and Business, 11-18,

Krief S., Watts D., Mitani J., Krief J.M., Cibot M., Bortolamiol S., Seguya A., Couly G., 2014. Two cases of cleft lip and other congenital anomalies in wild chimpanzees living in Kibale National Park, Uganda, The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal,

Krief, S., Cibot, M., Bortolamiol, S., Seguya, A., Krief, J.M., Masi, S., 2014. Wild chimpanzees on the edge : nocturnal activities in cropland, PLoS ONE, 9, 10, e109925, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0109925,

Lemarchand, N., translated by Oliver Waine, 2014. Christmas markets and department-store window displays : examples of retailtainment,,

Mimet, A., Maurel, N., Pellissier, V., Simon, L., Julliard, R., 2014. Towards a unique landscape description for multi-species studies : A model comparison with common birds in a human-dominated French region, Ecological Indicators, 36, 19–32,

Mitroi, V., De Coninck, A., Vinçon-Leite, B., Deroubaix, J.-F. 2014. Establishing ecological and social continuities : new challenges to optimize urban watershed management, in Castellarin, A., Ceola, S., Toth, E., Montanari, A., Evolving Water Resources Systems : Understanding, Predicting and Managing Water–Society Interactions, IASH Publications, 414-421.

Morena, E. (Associé), 2014. Words speak louder than actions : the ’peasant’ dimension of the Confédération Paysanne’s alternative to industrial farming, Journal of Peasant Studies, 1-27,

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Ronchail, J., Cohen, M., Alonso-Roldán, M., Garcin, H., Sultan, B., Angles, S., 2014. Adaptability of Mediterranean Agricultural Systems to Climate Change : The Example of the Sierra Mágina Olive-Growing Region (Andalusia, Spain). Part II : The Future, Weather, Climate, and Society, 6, 4, 451-467, doi:10.1175/WCAS-D-12-00043.1,

Serret, H., Raymond, R., Foltête, J.-C., Clergeau, P., Simon, L., Machon, N., 2014. Potential contributions of green spaces at business sites to the ecological network in an urban agglomeration : The case of the Ile-de-France region, France, Landscape and Urban Planning, 131, 27–35,

Shwartz, A., Turbé, A., Julliard, R., Simon, L., Prévot-Julliard, A.C., 2014. Outstanding challenges for urban biodiversity conservation research, Global Environmental Change,

Shwartz, A., Turbé, A., Simon, L., Julliard, R., 2014. Enhancing urban biodiversity and its influence on city-dwellers : an experiment, Biological Conservation,171, 82-90,

Sohrabi, N.M., 2014. Public space and morphology of neighborhoods. Case study : Tehran, in Oliveira, V., Pinho, P., Batista, L., Patatas, T. (Eds), Our common future in urban morphology, Abstracts, the 21st International Seminar on Urban Form,
Porto, 3-6 July, 2014, Porto, FEUP, 288-289.

Sohrabi, N.M., 2014. Walls and Places : Political Murals in Iran in Actes de la conférence Urban popcultures, 10-12 mai, Lisbonne,

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