International seminar "Sustainability in the 21st Century : the power of dialogue"

13 et 14 octobre 2011

- Place :
FLAD Auditorium
Rua Sacramento à Lapa, 21
1249-090 Lisboa

One of the key challenges for sustainability is the active involvement and co-responsibilization of citizens. The MARGov Project –, honored by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Lisbon Oceanarium 2008 Prize for the Sustainable Governance of the Oceans, has promoted the mobilization, involvement and empowerment of the stakeholders of the Marine Protected Area Luiz Saldanha over almost three years.

This seminar aims to report and discuss this experience, as well as other case studies. How to engage, mobilize and co-responsibilize stakeholders to become part of the management process ? How to ensure the continuity of their involvement ? How to potentiat contributions of the group as a whole ? Leading national and international experts will debate and share experiences and practices on how to effectively build this indispensable social capital.

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