Call for proposals "The ACES and Ecosystem Markets 2012"

Avant le 6 avril 2012

Are you looking for a way to participate in building the program for the ACES and Ecosystem Markets Conference ? Do you have a group of presenters or a topic that you want to lead a discussion on ? Then check out our presentation opportunities on the conference website.

We are currently accepting proposals for
Pre-Conference Workshops,Organized Sessions,World Cafe Sessions,Town Hall Meetings, and Post Conference Tours.

ACES and Ecosystem Markets 2012 will bring together scientists, practitioners, federal, state, and local agencies, business and financial experts, and resource managers who are interested in natural systems and their relationship with human well-being. Participants will include individuals with interests in resource management, restoration, institutions and policy, government, business, conservation, and urban and non-urban development and will have expertise in areas such as :
- Natural sciences
- Economics and other social sciences
- Urban and regional planning
- Resource and ecosystem management
- Corporate Sustainability and Practices
- Conservation
- Development
- Policy, Institutions, and Law
- Geography
- Finance and marketing
- Tool development

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