Call for papers for workshop and special issue on ‘Multi-disciplinary perspectives on climate ethics’

Avant le 15 février 2013

Call for papers for workshop and special issue on
Multi-disciplinary perspectives on climate ethics

26-27 September, 2013

Villa del Grumello
Lake Como

Call for papers
Deadline for submissions of abstracts : February 15, 2013

A rapidly growing body of research—drawing on a wide variety of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives—suggests that ethical considerations should be and/or are already at the center of international climate change policy and action discussions. Certainly, ignoring issues related to justice and morality in this domain is no longer an option for climate negotiators, issue advocates and others interested in crafting international responses to climate change that will be seen as legitimate by all relevant state and non-state actors.

Given both the role that ethical considerations will likely play in the
climate arena moving forward as well as the multi-disciplinary nature of
scholarship in this area, we seek submissions from a wide variety of
theoretical and disciplinary perspectives for a workshop and subsequent special issue on ‘Multi-disciplinary perspectives on climate ethics.’ Both the workshop and special issue aim to explore and expand the contributions of ethics, psychology, geography/anthropology/sociology, law, economics, and climate science to our understanding of the primary ethical dimensions
climate change.

We welcome submissions that describe new (previously unpublished), cutting-edge research in one of the six focus areas for the workshop :

  • Philosophy (moral, political, environmental), Political theory
  • Psychology (moral, social, cognitive, evolutionary, environmental, cognitive neuroscience)
  • GASS (geography, anthropology, sociology and other social sciences including interdisciplinary perspectives)
  • Law
  • Economics,
  • Climate science.

Papers that connect two or more of the focus areas listed above are of particular interest, though more disciplinary-specific submissions are also welcome.

At the workshop, which will be held in Fall 2013 in Como, Italy, one
session will be held for each of the areas highlighted. Each session will
be opened by an invited keynote speaker and will include 3 additional
contributors, selected through this call for papers. Selected papers will
be presented at the workshop and, after incorporating feedback from
workshop participants, subsequently submitted for peer-review for inclusion in a special issue on ‘Multi-disciplinary perspectives on climate ethics’.

All relevant deadlines are listed below. There will be no registration fee for participants in the workshop.

Please submit a 300-word abstract (with paper title, all author names and full contact information for the primary author) to

Any questions about this call for papers should be directed towards the workshop organizers, Marco Grasso ( and Ezra Markowitz (

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