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Ladyss supports and houses the “NSS-Dialogues” Association on its premises. The Association was created by Marcel Jollivet (a Sociologist), Jean-Marie Legay (a Biometrician) and Gérard Mégie (a Physicist) to develop and organise a scientific network linked with the journal Natures Sciences Sociétés. Within this framework, the association, whose president today is Claude Millier (a Biomathematician), has the following objectives:

  • interdisciplinary dialogue between science related to man and society , engineering sciences, and Earth and Life sciences so as to analyse and understand environmental problems;
  • dissemination of the progress of scientific research on these questions to users of public policies;
  • setting up partnerships with French and foreign associations having similar objectives, in order to develop an exchange of experiences, especially on interdisciplinary practices in environment fields and sustainable development.

Scientific Communication

To this end, NSS-Dialogues organises interdisciplinary meetings on environmental an sustainable development questions and debates open to other associations and to the civil society/ population/general public.
The association is supported by the foundation committee of the NSS journal (Cemagref, Cirad, CNRS, Ifremer, INRA and IRD) and by the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and the Sea. Together with the NSS journal, the series of publications “Indisciplines” (co-edited with Quæ Editions) and during meetings (Annual day meetings, seminars, etc.) the association covers the following topics:

  • modelling at the interface of nature and societies;
  • interdisciplinary education about environmental questions (problems , experiences/experiments and prospects for the future;
  • adaptation to climate change;
  • subjects confronted with modelling and interdisciplinarity;
  • relationships between science and societies.

    See the NSS Dialogues Association website

Series of publications “Indisciplines”

Past History
In parallel with the NSS journal, from the beginning of the 2000s, NSS-Dialogues Association decided to publish this series in the same vein. The first two were achieved fairly quickly:
- Marcel Jollivet (Ed.), Le Développement durable. De l’utopie au concept, Paris, Elsevier, 2001, 288 p.
-  Franck Dominique Vivien (Ed.), Biodiversité et appropriations, Paris, Elsevier, 2002, 200 p.

When the editor of the journal changed in 2004, a series of publications was created, co-edited by the NSS-Dialogues Association and the publishers of various research organisations (Cirad, Cemagref, Ifremer and Inra), which were combined into one publishing company, Quæ Editions, on 1st July, 2005.

Editorial policy
_The series “Indisciplines” founded by Jean-Marie Legay within the framework of the Natures Sciences Societies – Dialogues, is currently directed by Marie Roué. Following the same interdisciplinary line as the NSS journal, this series likes to deal with relationships which societies, whether consciously or not, have with their environment, whether these are direct relationships, representations or traditions. It brings together Earth and Life sciences, society, engineers and all sorts of research techniques, including ethical ones. It is particularly interested in environmental questions which challenge societies today, whether they are tackled globally or analysed at more local scales.
The editorial committee carefully examines all propositions by authors or groups who have adopted interdisciplinary techniques to deal with complex issues.

Editorial Committee
Director : Marie Roué (MNHN)
Other members : Marie-Alix Carlander (Ladyss, CNRS), Marianne Cohen (Ladyss, CNRS), Dominique Hervé (IRD), Nicole Mathieu (Ladyss, CNRS), Claude Millier (AgroParisTech), Nicole Vernazza (Société d’écologie humaine)

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