Appel à communication pour le colloque « Economic Sociology and Sociology of Economic Thought : Lessons from the Ongoing Crisis »

Avant le 15 décembre 2012

Call for Papers :

« Economic Sociology and Sociology of Economic Thought : Lessons from the Ongoing Crisis »

To be held on 23th/24th May 2013 at University of Jena, Kolleg

The recent economic crisis has led to a wide ranging debate about the
shortcomings and blindspots of mainstream economic thought. Often enough,
we here calls for a reform of economics. However, the formalization of
economic arguing has deprived economics of any capacity to critically
observe its own foundations. These would require further epistemological
and sociological arguments that are usually located outside of economics
itself. Economics is only able to change incrementally, a Œrevolution¹ or
major shift in its outlook appears impossible. The aim of this workshop is
to assess and understand the impact of the crisis for economics (including
the importance of economics for making the crisis possible), the contours
and limits of economics and its scientific outlook. For this workshop, we
invite contributions from all social sciences that pursue this question
(broadly defined) and help us to understand the limits, contours and
current changes of economic thought in this time of world economic crisis.

In particular we also welcome contributions that deal with the following
themes :

(1.) While various sociological branches engaging with the economy
prospered during the last decades, systematic sociological research on
economics and economic knowledge is still at its infancy. A neglected
topic in the classical sociology of knowledge as well as in the classical
sociology of science, we invite the submission of proposals that address
(academic) economics as a genuine topic of sociological inquiry.

(2.) With respect to the crisis, especially the otherwise flourishing
field of New Economic Sociology has for the most part remained silent. We
encourage the submission of contributions that focus on the inherent
crisis-dynamics of modern capitalist economies, either sociologically or
by engaging in innovative interdisciplinary contact with non-mainstream
branches in economics.

Submission :
Please send your abstract of 400 words max and your contact details till
December 15th to

Travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed. It is intended to
pursue a joint publication.

Organizers :
Dr. Hanno Pahl (University of Lucerne, University of Jena)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Kessler (University of Erfurt)

Further information :

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