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Parution de l’ouvrage « Governance of Natural Resources : Uncovering the Social Purpose of Materials in Nature »

Septembre 2013

Edited by Jin Sato
ISBN-13 : 978-92-808-1228-2
LANGUAGE : English
PUBLISHER:United Nations University Press

Scholarly communities and policy experts have a tendency to divide natural resources into categories, hindering holistic understanding. Similarly, the stakeholders themselves – the state, business and people – are conceived monolithically, making it difficult to grasp how business interests, intra-bureaucratic politics and civil society movements influence policy outcomes.

This book examines the socio-political dynamic generated by the environment and its attendant resources : how nature becomes a resource, and how this process in turn shapes our vision of society. It deploys a case study approach in examining the interactions between bureaucratic institutions ; rural communities ; national leaders and business elites, allowing for a more nuanced analysis. Particular emphasis is placed on how resources become the subject of conflict – but also opportunities for cooperation – and how different societies might establish more sustainable interactions with nature.

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