Call for Proposals - 6th Living Knowledge Conference

Avant le 1er octobre 2013

6th Living Knowledge Conference, 9-11 April 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark

The time has come to recognize civil society as producer of knowledge, and have civil society organisations accepted as partners in research and innovation directed towards public interest, but also have civil society’s own activities recognised as research and innovation. There is today some interest in participation of citizens and civil society organisations in community-based research and in policy processes and decision-making. However, there is still a long way to go before citizens and civil society organisations are fully accepted as equal partners and providers of knowledge and expertise to solve societal challenges, despite the many innovative ideas and initiatives, which communities and civil society organisations develop and organise.

Conference Themes
- Social innovation – empowering civil society ?
- How to involve multiple users in design of assistive technologies ?
- Co-operation in multicultural contexts – North–South cooperation
- Sustainable development : from vision to transition
- Developing competences through problem-based learning with civil society
- Developing the university – civil society interaction
- How to organize and manage science shops and community-based research units ?
- Governance of science and technology with civil society

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