Call for papers "The Countryside : spaces of innovation in an urban world"

Before 1st October, 2013

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After having emphasised the study of rural areas, European geographers increasingly lost interest in them during the years of economic growth after World War II. Nonetheless, a collection of work has emerged since the 1960s to show how rural areas have adapted to constraints imposed by urbanization, involving changing ideas, industrialization, and rural marginalization in urbanized and globalized society. As well as acting as attractive areas for residents, rural areas have been studied in their own right and as valuable counter balances for urban society. Natural resources, recreation, food production, post-productivist agriculture, and socio-economic trends have become important objects of study by geographers who have rural interests. Whatever scale of observation is selected, these pieces of work will sometimes relate to agricultural or non-built-up areas, and sometimes to rural areas defined in relation to urban agglomerations. Unless otherwise specified the term ‘countryside’ is used with this double meaning in the present call for papers.

Theme 1. Practices, values and images of rurality : reappropriations and ‘recycling’
Theme 2. Which innovators and what context for innovation ?
Theme 3. Scales and territories of innovation in Europe’s countryside

The date for submitting proposals for delivering papers is
1 october 2013


Proposals are to be sent as pdf files as on two side of A4.

On the first side is to be shown the title of the paper in the language to be used for the presentation, followed by the translation of the title into the three other languages of the Conference.

For each author and co-author, family name, first name, university position, home institution, and email are to be given. On the second side should be indicated, in 11 point font, the language to be used and a summary of the proposed paper emphasising its problematic, its methodology (including the area(s) studies for empirical studies) and the principal results obtained.

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