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Before 1st June 2013

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Espaces et Sociétés aims at strengthening its international dimension. Its calls for papers are now published and disseminated in three languages (English, French and Spanish) for reaching a wider audience outside a francophone readership.

The editorial board welcomes proposals submitted in one of these languages and also in German, Italian and Portuguese. An author may submit a paper for assessment in any of these six languages. However, Espaces et Sociétés remains a francophone Journal. Once the paper is accepted, it is the author’s responsibility to provide a good translation in French.

As a reminder, Espaces et Sociétés only admits original papers. A translation of a paper already published is not eligible. Should there be an exception at this rule, it would be at the editorial board initiative.

Only full articles are taken into account

- For further informations, please consult the document bellow.

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