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Before 15th September, 2013

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When companies from developing countries invest in developing countries

Géraud Magrin (Geographer, Cirad), Evelyne Mesclier (Geographer, IRD),
Alain Piveteau (Economist, IRD)

The emergence of a new world order during the last decades inaugurates a new phase of globalization. It causes important changes in the relationship between developing countries. While industrialised countries continue to supply the bulk of international investment, the expansion of investment flows within the developing world, highlighted by UNCTAD in its reports for 2004 and 2006 constitutes a major structural fact that the current crisis does not seem likely to question. Chinese investments are one of the best documented illustrations of a phenomenon that goes beyond this single case and results in a sharp increase and diversification of investment among developing countries.

The proposed articles will allow us to understand whether investments among developing countries is an additional step in the circulation of economic, social and environmental standards produced in industrialised countries and transferred to emerging countries before being re-exported to other peripheries, or whether they produce unique dynamics carrying new development opportunities or inequalities.

Proposal (title and abstract not exceeding 150 words) must be sent to the journal Autrepart before 15th september 2013.

The articles selected have to be submitted by 15th november 2013.

Book reviews on the topic of this issue must be sent to the journal Autrepart before 15th December 2013.

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