Appel à communications « Adaptation au changement global : effet des modes de gouvernance sur la biodiversité et les paysages »

Avant le 25 septembre 2013

The aim of this conference is to contribute to the general ideas evolution on governance enabling to adapt to global change through biodiversity and cultural landscapes preservation. Many countries have established various institutions to facilitate their sustainable development, such as expert groups, advisory consultants, assessment procedures, evaluation clauses, incentive and regulation policies. Until very recently, policies aimed at mitigating biodiversity erosion, and maintain landscape quality. But more and more people wonder how to design policies going forward simple conservation logics towards more active policies where biodiversity elements contribute to sustainable development. Policies aiming at progressively developing biodiversity (and not only mitigating its erosion), at integrating landscapes to a global management of local development, do need design patterns that integrate human activities and involve the different actors.

Deadline : September 25th 2013

Conference : 19th to 21th November 2013

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